Happy Friday, everybody! I thought today would be a good time to update you on what I've been working on -- and to show off the snazzy new cover for Detonation Boulevard! The book is finished, it's in my editor's capable hands, and we're plugging away at polishing it up for release. Right now we're aiming for a release in early August; it's going to depend on how deep the revisions go but I'm pretty confident we'll hit the target. It's not up for pre-order yet, but I'll let you know when it is.

To have any hope of finding Wisdom's Grave -- and escaping their eternal curse -- Nessa and Marie have to cross over two thousand miles of hostile territory. Their enemies have political power and an army of ruthless bounty hunters. They have a book of black magic, a gun, and a Cadillac Eldorado. It's not a remotely fair fight, and I haven't even mentioned the inter-dimensional portals. Or the veiled murder-cultists. Or the return of some old enemies (and friends). Let's just say that large chunks of the American heartland may never be the same.

Meanwhile, no days off for yours truly; I'm already working away on book three of the trilogy, which now has an official name: Bring the Fire. I don't want to keep you waiting for too long, because...well, Detonation Boulevard doesn't end on an abrupt cliffhanger, as such (I wouldn't do that to you), but it is the middle book of a trilogy -- and as the captive storyteller Carolyn explains to her interrogator, trilogies have rules.

If I don't take you on an emotional roller-coaster with this one, I'm not doing my job right. So that's it from me, time to get back to it. Have a great weekend!


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