VIGILANT LOCK is an illegal covert operation concealed within the United States government. In a world where criminal syndicates shield their operations under the cloak of black magic, corporate oligarchs rise to power with blood sacrifices and demonic patronage, and terrorist cells are upgrading from bombs to occult bioweapons, Vigilant's mandate is clear: investigate, exterminate, and keep the truth out of the headlines at all costs.

Harmony Black, FBI agent and Vigilant asset (and occasional thorn in Daniel Faust's side), has a new team and a new mission. Together they'll shine a light across the shadows of modern America, unraveling secret histories and unspeakable crimes. Nobody can be trusted. No place is safe. And your closest ally may have a bullet with your name on it. From Las Vegas to Miami Beach, from corporate towers to black-ops safehouses, getting the job done means navigating a web of danger and deception. And Harmony and her team will get the job done. After all, they're the good guys.