Hey, everybody -- it's finally here! The audiobook version of The Neon Boneyard is live and for sale on Audible now. (And I do mean "finally," it was finished almost a month ago. Audible's gone back to approving books verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly again, something I'll have to take into account in future. Sorry to keep you waiting!)

Meanwhile, I've just come back from a weekend trip to NYC, for field research on an upcoming book and to see the first staged reading of the new musical Bisland & Bly, from my friends in the Sycamore Theatre Co. -- lemme tell ya, folks, this play is going to be big. And as always, spending time with artists making great art leaves me feeling super-charged and ready to up my game.

I'm in the homecoming stretch of the first draft of Detonation Boulevard, dropping plot bombs and bringing back some old familiar faces. And I'm nowhere near quitting time, so I'd better get off social media and back to my word processor. Talk to you soon!

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