Happy Friday, everybody! No big announcements today, just a general status update because I haven't shared any news since just before the eclipse.

Oh, and the eclipse? Amazing. Worth the four-hour drive and the considerably longer traffic jam on the way back. Sunset arrived from every direction at once and the sky took on the wrong color. There was a black hole in the sky. People were whispering to themselves, people were crying. We watched the sun bow to the power of the moon, and it was a moment to treasure.

Also, I have to give a shout-out to the River City Casino and Hotel in St. Louis, where I stayed for the event. Now, you know me -- I'm a little, shall we say, picky when it comes to hotels and casinos in particular? These folks were aces. Great rooms, great staff.

Since then I've been home and back to work. I'm in that long stretch where there's nothing but projects and deadlines stacked on deadlines, and nothing really exciting to show for it yet. It's easy for the days to blend, especially in the Summer months when the weather doesn't change much from day to day. I find myself sinking into a work-sleep-repeat cycle, no days off so I don't lose momentum. Which means I don't have much of interest to share (beyond my recent discovery that Tim Hortons coffee is really, really good), but the work's getting done.

The first book of the Wisdom's Grave trilogy is getting shored up and ready to go to my editor and cover designer in just about a month. And of course, Halloween brings Cold Spectrum, the fourth book in the Harmony Black series. I'm basically hammering out the 2018-2019 production schedule now and there's gonna be a lot of cool projects in the pipeline, so just bear with me while I plow through another month of Productivity Mode before we get there. :)