So there's this new anthology project, Urban Enemies. It's out now, the concept is "urban fantasy stories told from the villains' perspective," it features a ton of great writers, and also I'm in there too. (I'm one of the "and others" mentioned on the cover.)

My contribution, "Sixty-Six Seconds," is about Fontaine and Rache's first hunt together, chasing the last remnants of the Redemption Choir in Detroit. If they can round up four fugitive souls by sunrise, they get paid. If they don't catch all four, they get nothing. It's not a fair deal. It rarely is.

(Oh, while we're on the subject...yeah, I feel like dropping a little teaser here. The Redemption Choir is back. Their new leader is en route to Vegas in next year's "The Neon Boneyard," with a pack of devout followers and a plan to purify the city of abominations. Said abominations including Daniel and Caitlin. So that's gonna be a problem.)

Anyway, cool anthology, lots of great writers in this thing, I'd give it a villainous thumbs-up even if I wasn't in it. (Or should that be a thumbs-down? But an ironic one, because evil? Either way, check it out.)