Good morning, everybody! So the first reviews for Double or Nothing are in, and...sounds like people are enjoying it? Hurray! On that note, the paperback version is now available, sorry again for the delay there. (The printer rejected the original manuscript for an unspecified pagination issue. I went over it, couldn't find it, THEY couldn't find or explain it, then I re-submitted the exact same manuscript and they said the new version was correct. Yes, I facepalmed.)

Meanwhile, I'm getting back to work on The Neon Boneyard, prepping another manuscript for my editor in October, AND packing for Thrillerfest. I'm not presenting or anything, just going as an attendee -- I learned a ton last year, and can't wait to go back. Also, doing some more book research, because if I'm setting foot outside my office, it's probably for research.

Oh, and to celebrate the new Faust novel coming out, The Long Way Down is on sale for ninety-nine cents for the next week or so. Because that's how I roll.