Good morning! (Wow, very morning, it's 4:30 here. I don't sleep well before new-book days.) I'm happy to announce that Double or Nothing, the seventh Daniel Faust novel, is on sale now; in the US you can grab it at and it should be making its way to the and other international storefronts as we speak. The paperback version is delayed but on its way. We had a little hiccup in transit, but I approved the final proof copy yesterday and now it's just a matter of waiting for it to be added to the purchase page -- it should be up by the end of the week at the very latest. Audio is coming too, Adam Verner is hard at work in the narrator's booth and I think he's forgiven me for some of the words I threw at him this time around.

(Seriously. I made him say "Teotihuacan." You don't make an audiobook narrator do that without sending a note of apology and flowers.)

In other news, Cold Spectrum -- the fourth Harmony Black novel -- is in good hands over at 47North Publishing and they're ramping up for a Halloween release. I just finished approving the final proofreader edits, so that's pretty much in the bag. There's also a short story coming up in August, in the Urban Enemies anthology, entitled "Sixty-Six Seconds." It's about Fontaine versus the remnants of the Redemption Choir, so, y'know, things are gonna get a little rough.

Launch days are strange. There's a sense of celebration, but not relief. An endlessly held breath and a feeling of keen vulnerability, nestled in the sense that you've just put your inner landscape on public display. Delight in the idea that people are exploring the story you've created for them, and the aching fear that it isn't good enough. Of course, I never think anything I write is good enough. The only cure for it is to go back into the office first thing in the morning, sit back down at the keyboard, and get back to work on the next story. But not today. Today I'm fuzzy and distracted, and probably going to go on a movie binge to get out of my own head for a bit. Seen anything good lately?

And that's about it from me! I've got some fun special projects in the pipeline, which I'll tell you about soon -- and in three weeks or so, I'll finally spill the beans on that secret trilogy project I've been working on for most of the last year. Finally. I promise. For real, this time. We've got a release date and everything. Catch you soon; stay cool out there, and stay safe.