(Yes, Tuesday. I was a little obsessive working on the final Revanche book yesterday and by the time I came up for air there wasn't any time left to do a blog post. So Wednesday is now Tuesday. It's official.)

I am generally of the opinion that trying new and strange things out on your protagonist is a fantastic way to see what they’re made of. I’m certain my protagonists really hate that about me, but since they’re fictional and I get to decide, they’ll have to cope. 

Among the many tropes I love is the trope of the fly on the wall - the moment when the protagonist or someone connected to them must stand there and observe. Maybe they’re pretending to be a waiter. Maybe they’re hidden in a crawlspace and will be horribly murdered if they’re found. Maybe, in Caitlin’s case, they’re magically controlled for a time. I like the Fly on the Wall trope for the interesting places it goes next. I like it because people learn things they can’t act on immediately, and that gives time for development and change.

So my challenge this week is this:

Write a fly on the wall moment for your protagonist, and decide what would happen if they were placed in that position. Would they be angry, seething, barely hiding their fury? Afraid? Cold and calm? So many possibilities.

See you on Thursday for something inspiring.