Happy Friday! I’m pleased to announce that Bring the Fire, the final book of the Wisdom’s Grave trilogy, is available now. It’s been a long, rough, occasionally explosive road, but this brings the saga (and quite possibly the entire multiverse) to an end. You can grab a copy of the ebook version over at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KCHTKV9 – the paperback is still in layout and should be available in just a couple of days. Audio is coming; Susannah’s booked up through December, but on the first of January she’ll be in the recording studio.

It’s always an intimidating feeling, writing the end of a big story like this one; I think most writers probably feel that way. We want to deliver a truly satisfying ending, with a landing that makes the long journey feel worthwhile. I hope I’ve done that here, but ultimately, you’re the judge. I may be a tiny bit nervous. Okay, a lot nervous. I’ll stop talking now and let the story speak for itself.

I’m still hammering out some schedule details, but next month I should be able to give you a whole rundown on what’s coming in 2019. I can tell you for certain that the return of both Daniel Faust and Harmony Black are in the works (though if you can’t wait, they both appear in Bring the Fire. I mean, I’m just saying.)

And that’s it from me – have a great weekend, and stay safe out there!