Well, it was supposed to come out on Monday, then it was rescheduled for Friday, so of course we ended up splitting the difference: Sworn to the Night, the first book of the Wisdom’s Grave Trilogy, is out right now. The e-book version is live, the paperback version is being processed now and should be available within a day or so (if it’s not already up), and Susannah Jones is booking studio time at the end of the month for the audiobook adaptation so we’re hoping to have that available around mid-February.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been this nervous about a book launch before. I’m trying to do something new with this trilogy, to stretch my wings, hone my writing style and improve my art. Sworn to the Night is the longest book I’ve ever written and easily the darkest; please don’t go in expecting a light, snarky urban-fantasy romp. More than that, though… you know how, on some cooking-competition shows, contestants always say, “This dish is me on a plate?” This trilogy is me on a page. I’ve had to take myself to some very vulnerable places, writing this thing – had to allow myself to BE vulnerable, exposed in the words – though of course I don’t even know if any of that will come across on a reader’s end. Maybe it’s all in my head. We’ll see.

So I’m nervous but doing it anyway. Which is how many of the best things in life begin.

In other news, we’re working hard on the next Daniel Faust novel, the Neon Boneyard, which is still on track for release sometime in April. The manuscript is all done, and we’re just beginning the editing and cover design process. I’ll have an announcement with some details about the next book in the Harmony Black series in a couple of months, most likely, but it’s too early to talk about a release date.

And with that, I’m back to work.