Publishing dates are set for lots of different reasons. Many of those are financial or accounting-based. While The Castle Doctrine is finished (we completed our final proof and layout last night), the release date was set to 10/1 for boring accounting reasons I'm not gonna get into. And I've just learned that said reason was actually not necessary in the first place. What does that mean?

It means The Castle Doctrine is coming out tomorrow. It'll be up on 9/27, bright and early, assuming nothing goes weird on Amazon's end. The hardcopy version should be out just a few days later, and the audiobook is currently in production. This is the first full-length Faust novel since last year's Killing Floor Blues, and I'm so very excited to share it with you!

(Besides, tonight's the presidential debate. I figure everybody's going to be angry from dealing with arguments and Internet trolls all night, and you might want something cheerful to look forward to.)

(Well, for a certain value of "cheerful.")

I've had a few recurring questions about the book since Saturday's cover reveal, so here are some non-spoilery answers you might be wondering about:

This does wrap up a loose second "trilogy," like The Living End did. Not every plotline is resolved, but some things that began in A Plain-Dealing Villain will come to a definitive end, as Faust enters a new chapter of his life.

The situation involving Nadine's envelope, and the claims she made about Caitlin (staying super-vague to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn't gotten that far), is not resolved. Sorry, I originally planned to, but the book was so jam-packed with other stuff there was no way to do it without giving it short shrift. Suffice to say that this will be addressed, in full, in next year's Surface Tension.

And if you've read the Revanche Cycle, somebody has a very special message, just for you. Don't worry. You'll know it when you read it.

And that's all I can tell you. I'll put up another post when the book goes live -- see you tomorrow!