It's surprise new audiobook release day! (A surprise to me too, because I never know when they're gonna go live). The audiobook adaptation of Queen of the Night, final book of the Revanche Cycle, is live on Audible and voiced by the ever-talented Susannah Jones. And just to celebrate, the e-book version of Winter's Reach (book one of the series) is free on Amazon all weekend long.

(BTW, it's Whispersynced, so you can grab that free e-book, then go over to Audible and get the audiobook version for something like two bucks. Have I mentioned how much Susannah's work amazes me? Seriously, check her out.)

I know my readership is a little divided; some folks only like the Faust/Black novels (or just one or the other), some folks only like the Revanche books, and some (bless you) read 'em all. Whether you read the print version or go for audio, people in that last category will definitely want to get caught up before The Castle Doctrine drops on October 1st. Why? Oh, you'll see. It'll be October, after all. Witching season. Lots of strange things afoot...

(And stay tuned -- before 10/1, I'll be running a short free giveaway of The White Gold Score, for the folks who missed it the first time around. I'm just finalizing what day it'll happen on.)