Today's a pretty great day, for a Tuesday. Urban Allies, an anthology of ten all-new urban fantasy stories, has just gone live. And there's a twist! Each story was collaboratively written by two authors, bringing their main characters together for the first time. Including the story "Sweet, Blissful Certainty," which unites Steven Savile's Cadmus Damiola (from the forthcoming Glass Town) with...I don't know, some dude named Craig Schaefer, and his "Daniel Faust" character? Anyway, I hear it's okay.

I wouldn't suggest you pick up the book for just one story; fortunately, I don't have to, because this thing is packed with coolness. There's a team-up between Kelley Armstrong and Seanan McGuire. Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden. Carrie Vaughn and Diana Rowland. The first thing I did this morning was buy a copy for myself, because I've been super-excited to read this thing.

This was my first time collaborating with another author, and a wonderful learning experience. I'm pretty amazed to be in such great company, too.

In other news, I'm working hard on House of Wolves, the third Harmony Black novel, and it'll be off to my editor in a couple of weeks. The Castle Doctrine is in editing now, and we are absolutely on track for an October First release. And if you haven't read The White Gold Score yet, don't -- between now and then I'll be running another free giveaway, for everybody who missed it when it first came out.

And now, back to work. Talk to you soon!