Happy mothers' day, y'all! I was hoping to get this up sooner, but I've been (appropriately, natch) visiting family all day. A happy day to those of you doing the hard and oft-thankless task of bringing more folks up right; one day isn't enough of a thank-you for that. A happy day to those of you who want to be mothers, but biology or circumstance are standing in the way. This is your day too.

And a special thanks to you art-mothers, you who birth acting and words and beauty upon the world. From a father of books, you know you're in my heart, always.

As an aside, my buddy Carl pointed out that I don't have a lot of great motherly role models in my books. I said, "Well... there's Emma Loomis. She's not terrible."

"Is that the one you really want to go with? Hell's accountant?"

"What about Nadine?"

"She raised Nyx. Nyx. You are not helping yourself here."

"Nessa Fieri. Nessa is a great mom."


"Nessa loves her kids, she wants them to excel -- or else -- and she places a high value on education."

"You know," he said, "you...might actually have a point."