Well, today's the day. Harmony Black book two, Red Knight Falling, is live! You can grab it on Amazon, or pick up the audio version on Audible. (I'm also told it should be up, or will be shortly, on iBooks.) In the wake of their hunt for the Bogeyman, Harmony and her team are sent to the Oregon wilderness to retrieve the debris from a fallen satellite. So why is a conspiracy aimed at fighting supernatural threats getting involved in weird science? You'll just have to read and find out.

Today marks another very special occasion: two years ago today, my first novel (The Long Way Down) hit the shelves, marking my debut as a professional writer. Two years is longer than it sounds! I've learned so much since then, tried hard to evolve as a writer and a storyteller, aiming to improve my game every single day. Whether you've been with me since day one or just found me a few days ago, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. A writer is nothing without fans; on the hardest days, the dead end alleys, all those moments I was sure I was through, it's you who kept me going and kept me aiming for the top.

So tonight I'll be pouring a glass of absinthe to celebrate the new release (because you can take the writer out of the goth clothes, but you can't take the goth out of the writer), and raising it in a toast to you. Thank you.

What's next? Well, I'm going over final edits on Queen of the Night, the final book of the Revanche Cycle, which I'm aiming to bring out in early July. And of course, working on the next full Daniel Faust novel, The Castle Doctrine. Pretty soon I should be hearing back from 47North on the fate of the Harmony series and if/when they'll be scheduling more releases, so I'll let you know when that's been decided.

On that note, a couple of people have asked what happens if 47North doesn't renew my contract for the Harmony books. The answer is, I get the rights back and self-publish the rest of the series until it reaches a satisfying conclusion. I will never, ever, start a story and leave it without an ending: that's my promise to you. That said, their backing makes it much easier for your devoted scribe to enjoy little frivolous pleasures like "mortgage payments" and "food," so let's hope it's a yes.

That's it from me: I hope you enjoy Red Knight Falling, and I'll talk to you soon. Big things coming, and a lot of fun in the pipeline. Let me put it this way: if 2016's releases are the fuse, the books scheduled for 2017 are the dynamite.

Take care,