Wow, what a week.

It's been seven days since Harmony Black launched, and it's been a hell of a roller-coaster ride. Going into any book launch -- I can only speak for myself but I know other authors who would agree -- means confronting a cauldron of fears. Will your fans like it? Will new readers give it a try? Will the book be a flash in the pan or worse, not even a spark?

As it turns out, a lot of you really like Harmony. Enough so that the other day, well, this happened:

This thing right here. This is the thing that happened.

This thing right here. This is the thing that happened.

This happened because of you. And I am so deeply, utterly grateful, I can barely find the words to express it. I am so thankful to each and every one of you for your support, your kind words and your reviews, and more than anything I'm just so happy that my books make you happy. I've got one job, and that means I'm doing it right.

(As opposed to back when my one job was running the Godzilla Early Warning System. Sorry about that, Tokyo. I was binge-watching Netflix and got distracted.)

I always try to end my books with a shout-out to the people who made it happen, like my editors, cover designers, and voice actors. This shout-out is for you. Go team!

And as always, you've got my promise: that I'll keep working to improve my craft, up my game, and bring you the most deviously exciting stories I can concoct. I'm here for the long haul (and so are Harmony and Daniel, for that matter). And now, I have to get back to work on the final book of the Revanche Cycle, in which I must do some terrible things to dear friends.

And by "dear friends," of course, I mean the characters in the story and the people who'll be reading it. Talk to you soon!

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