For obvious reasons, I’ve lifted my blog title from a Sandman book of the same name. Neil Gaiman is an inspiration in many ways, but this week, that line seems entirely appropriate. 

2016 is less than three weeks old, and we’ve already seen too many heroes leave. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, David Margulies, Brian Bedford. Dozens of others in the public eye and in government. I think this particular year, it hits so hard because of where it has struck. Fandom and neediness and queerness have taken losses. Austen fans mourn, Ziggy Stardust is headed back to space, and the voice of Robin Hood from Disney is gone. 

It’s enough to make a person introspective. I’m tired of saying goodbye to heroes, but I’m also glad that I’m doing what I love. If there’s anything I learned from the last few weeks, it’s that sharing a creative gift is important. I'm not sure how much of a gift I have and I don’t think the tally will be done until after I’m dead, but I’m sure as hell going to try my best. 

I probably won’t be that kind of icon before I go, but I’m pretty happy to know I’ll be someone’s favorite. I don’t really write to be the center of things. I write because the stories are there and I need to tell them.

I can’t promise to be the best writer ever, though I can promise that when I make mistakes I'll try to learn from them. I’ll improve, and look back and laugh, and enjoy where life takes me. I can’t say when my stories will end, but I can say this:

“I’ll put the chairs on the tables, turn out the lights, and lock the universe behind me when I leave.” 
-Death, Sandman