This is a device I admit to shamelessly exploiting. Who doesn’t love a good rude wakeup call? Poor Daniel’s been through so much, and been beaten unconscious multiple times. It’s sort of inevitable that he’d end up waking up in a terrible situation. Like with a demon god being summoned… Or in jail…

So for this week’s writing challenge, think of the worst possible rude awakening your character could face. Your protagonist could be unconscious outside a bar, or find herself on a roof somewhere. They could wake up on the subway, or at the bottom of a pit. How do they escape? What can they do about their rough situation, and who would put them there? What does that person want from them? All of this and more. Tie it to the core plot and what’s going to happen next. Sometimes, the best segue is a stark shock. 

See you on Thursday for another Inspirations post!